The UMass Amherst Cryptoeconomics Lab is focused on research involving cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and related technologies. Our interests include advances in security and network performance in an economic context. Among other contributions, we are home to the Graphene project for efficient block relaying and set reconciliation.

A presentation on Graphene:

A presentation on Bobtail:

Latest News

  • George Bissias presented our paper on "Modeling Miner Hash Rate Allocations" at the ESORICS International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin Unlimited releases Graphene to its dev branch for preliminary tests. (July 2018)
    [Twitter], [Reddit discussion by Peter Rizun]
  • Brian Levine presented Graphene and Bobtail at ScalingBitcoin 2017 (Nov 2017) [presentation slides]
  • Pinar Ozisik presented Graphene to to the ESORIC Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology (CBT) (Sept 2017).



  • David Thibodeau, student